Wealth Management
Advantages of Mutual Funds for NRI’s:

As a Non-Resident Indian there are many advantages to Invest in India through mutual funds

  • Professional Management – Primary advantage of Indian mutual funds is the professional management of your money. An Indian mutual fund is a relatively inexpensive way for a small investor to get a full-time manager to make and monitor investments.
  • Tax Efficiency – In Equity mutual funds capital gain tax is nil after one year. Therefore the returns are tax free.
  • Repatriation – If you route the mutual funds through your NRE Account, the same can be repatriated back easily.
  • Simplicity – An NRI – Non Resident Indian living abroad can buy and sell Indian mutual funds online easily and quickly Indian Equities and Debt markets offer and attractive, long term and sustainable investment alternative to Global Indians.
Financial Curator

Managing money remotely may not always be easy. Managing bank accounts, applying for PAN card, tax matters are some of the issues we can help our NRI clients with.We also provide online trade and execution of mutual funds through our technology partners.